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Products - Desktop Characters

An entertaing and memorable way to have a constant brand presence on your users desktops.

Your brand living on your customers desktop!

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Desktop Alerts

Desktop Characters

Take your character, brand or corporate logo and turn it into a desktop character. Your customers can interact with it, send it to friends, or hide it when the boss turns up. This is an excellent, cost effective way to promote your brand, or add value to an online / viral marketing campaign and expose a large number of potential clients to your product, brand or logo.

Desktop characters often take the form of an animated character who entertains and interacts with users on their desktops. The character could be based on an existing identity, brand or logo. Alternatively Turtlez can design a character based on your design brief.

You could even choose to have a desktop logo rather than a character that gives a permanent presence on the desktop to your brand.

Key benefits

  • Small download (removes barriers to download and sending via e-mail)
  • Design unique to you or your client (every brand turtle is designed around your design brief)Excellent viral marketing tool (passed to friends via e-mail and word of mouth)
  • No on-going charges (developed for a one off cost and then yours to do with as you see fit)
  • Option to utilise an existing character (you are not restricted in your brand turtle design)
  • Drives web site traffic (through word of mouth, send to a friend and URLs built in)
  • Option to customise if required (not restricted to what has gone before, customise to your heart’s content to add additional unique elements to your brand turtle)


Often clients choose to enhance their desktop characters to make them usefull and interesting to a user which encourages them to keep them living on the desktop.  This could include desktop games, integrating our news alerts technology, making the character a tamagochi, rewarding usage with new animations sequences, or even hooking into email to provide alerts and including reminders or a calendar, the possibilities are endless.


A small selection of Turtlez developed desktop characters are shown below.

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